Our Solution

SonoPlaque equips clinicians and researchers with a complete profile of atherosclerotic plaques

A powerful AI to give you powerful results

Our proprietary AI was trained on thousands of images and gives you details about the plaque’s calcification, necrotic lipid core, fibrosis, and cap size. All results from our continuously improving AI are validated against histopathological images of atherosclerotic plaques.

What that means for clinicians

  • Receive detailed analysis of plaque composition non-invasively
  • Better predict plaque instability
  • Have more confidence in stratifying patients for surgery or medical management

What that means for researchers

  • Automatic marking of ultrasound or histological images for a fast and accurate analysis 
  • Bypass the need for verification by a histopathologist
  • Accelerate your research

What that means for PLAKK

Heart attacks and strokes remain the leading causes of death and disability in the world today. At PLAKK, we love being part of the journey to improve how we predict and prevent heart attacks and strokes in the population at large

A continuously improving and validated deep learning model

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