The Solution


Regular Ultrasound


Intimal-medial Thickness



Intimal-medial Thickness

Quantified clinical plaque features (calcification, lipid, fibrosis, cap)

Patient risk profile

Comprehensive report

What that means for clinicians

  • Receive a detailed and non-invasive analysis of plaque composition
  • Better prediction of plaque stability 
  • Have more confidence in stratifying patients for differnet surgeries or medical management 

What that means for researchers

  • Automatic and timely marking of ultrasound or histopathological images 
  • Bypass the need for verification by a pathologist 
  • Accelerate your research

what that means for us at plakk

Heart attacks and strokes are the leading causes of death in the world today. At PLAKK, we can improve how we predict and prevent heart attacks and strokes through personalized medicine and AI, reducing the burden these devastating illnesses have on our health care system.